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Glenn Wilson for US Congress

With the current state of our country, the list of issues seem almost endless, however, they are not impossible. Yet!

With your help, and only with your help, we can and will re-found our great country.  Americans across the country from coast to coast have had enough of both the Republications and the Democrats progressively pushing the US in to debt even our great-grandchildren can't pay off.

Think about this for just one moment, who has been running this country?  The two parties!  America need elected officials that answer to the people, not the special interest.  Electing either party is just asking for the status-quo.

Candidates from either party are funded by the Party Machines and Controlled by the Party Line.  Why do you think people from NY to CA are pour hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect a member for Congress from Michigan?  It is simple, because they want their vote for their special interests, not Michigan's.

* First and Foremost, we need to be able to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes!

I would push for an amendment that would limit all bills to one subject.  No more of this tacking on one special interest item after another.  Force them to vote "Yes" or "No" on each and every subject, then and only then can we hold them accountable for every thing they vote for.  I'm so sick of hearing how they "didn't want to vote for that part of the bill, but they had to in order to pass the parts of the bill they do support"...  That is just their excuse for not being responsible for their actions!  Think of this, EVERY bill that the American voters get to vote is has one subject and only one subject so why is this not the same for Congress.

* Downsizing both the US & State governments is a MUST.

Ask yourself this, Do you really want more government?  If you do, please, do not vote for me as I will do my very best to cut wasteful government programs, focusing on programs the government has no business funding in the first place!

 If you elect me to server you in Washington, I would make it clear to all those special interest groups that draining the pockets of the American taxpayers they need to start looking for other ways to fund their projects.

Right now, the government now controls nearly every aspect of our day-to-day life and it is getting worst!  There is no difference, both the Democrats and the Republications have created this huge government, do you think either party really wants to downsize it?

* America needs JOBS! - We need to stop forcing jobs to other countries!

More jobs can be created by the small businesses if the government would just stop the endless taxing and controlling.  Again, both the main stream parties have run the cost of government up so high they have no choice but to keep increasing the amount of taxes.  Our elected officials have continually added one regulations after the other until it has now forced most of our manufacturing jobs right out of the country.  America can no longer afford to ignore the fact that taxing companies to the sky is a really bad thing.  Bottom line, if we want the jobs back, we need to have a government that is pro-business, not pro-special interest!
One more thing, Washington needs to understand, a government job is NOT a good thing!  Yes, when someone gets a government funded job the "unemployment rate" does go down, the only problem is that the burden to the taxpayers goes ever more higher.  A non-government job actually lowers the taxpayer burdens and lowers the unemployment rate for real.

Another way of thinking of it is, if a company is bankrupt, it can not employ anyone!


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