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Democratic proposals - July 24, 2009
By: David Ryan, Alger

How about these ballot proposals being made by the democratic party. One would raise minimum wage to $10 per hour. I hope people will look long and hard at this fiasco. Copying a failed economy like California’s won't -I repeat won't - help us. No one gets a raise when the minimum wage goes up. No one except the government. They get more tax money on your income. Of course everything goes up in price so they collect more in sales tax. The few moments you'll have with extra money in your pocket amounts to about a week.

Another proposal would make it mandatory for all businesses to supply health insurance for their employees. Small and medium sized businesses are already struggling. Who wants to see them gone? How many people would like to see more industry leave the State? You will if these poorly thought out plans go through.

I'm certain that those proposing these changes haven't thought them through. Wisdom has been replaced with wiz-dumb.

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