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- August 28, 2009
By: The Kitchen Beautician

In the eye of the beholder


By the 'Kitchen Beautician'

What is beautiful?

Is it brought on by a perception of the eye? Is it our own opinion? Or is it an image programmed into our minds by television and someone says, heís beautiful; sheís beautiful; theyíre beautiful. We donít have to think about it; beauty is described for us. Itís comfortable and we will accept whatever TV or magazines show us is beautiful. It will change over time and our description of it will as well. One thing will always stand true, we will try to make ourselves beautiful, whether we can define it or not.

Probably one of the oldest forms of enhancing beauty is make-up. For centuries we have used cosmetics to boost pleasant facial features and lessen the not so pleasant ones. Make up is a tricky affair. Too much can drag a face down, make it look older and less appealing. Proper use of it can complement an already beautiful look.

This week the Kitchen Beautician has some tips for making a beautiful face with style.

Skin: Foundation can actually make a woman appear older. If itís too heavy it will collect in wrinkles and define them more. Try a dry powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer instead. Apply blush prior to foundation. It will make a subtle glow without harsh blush lines.

Eyes: If youíre over 40, donít apply eyeliner or mascara to the lower eyelid. Having it on the top lid will open up the eyes and enhance them. Good KB tip: to prevent dried out mascara, twist your brush instead of pumping it. The in and out motion pushes air into the container causing it to dry out more quickly.

Eyebrows: Adding color to eyebrows will make you look younger, but donít draw lines up there.  Invest in a good eyebrow color kit; itís worth the money. Or simply color them with your hair color. Unruly brows can be tamed with clear mascara; it brushes them into shape and holds them in place. The biggest no-no is to over pluck or over wax. If they seem bushy, trim them instead of plucking.

Lips: Rub concealer around the lips before outlining them. This will prevent lip color from bleeding into the skin. Last but not least apply lip gloss to make them appear full and luscious.
KBís quick lip gloss recipe:

1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly

1 drop of mint extract

1 drop of red food coloring

Mix together and store in a small container.

Have fun with cosmetics just remember, make up is made to emphasize attractive facial features, not to cover up imperfections.

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